A list of movies I really really really really want to see.. PART TWELVE!

L is the debut movie by Greek writer Babis Makridis who was the screenwriter for the really unique and quite awesome movie Dogtooth. And this movie seems to share the same bizarre awkward mood as that movie. I’m not sure what the plot is but it seems to be about people living in cars and weird biker gangs or something. Surreal absurdism to the max! I really like this short and vague teaser trailer that doesn’t tell you anything.


Kuky Se Vrací
Kuky Se Vraci is a wonderfully original puppet movie from the Czech Republic. The animation or whatever you should call it is so simple but creates an amazing and effective mood. There’s some truly beautiful imagery here and the atmosphere is just so thick and pleasant. I’ve never seen anything like it. Lovely stuff!


Beyond The Black Rainbow
This movie is getting some seriously mixed reviews which makes me a bit wary but still interested. The trailer is amazing with fantastic 80’s retro visuals and music. It’s sort of a mix of old record covers and the Dharma Initiative orientation videos from the tv-show Lost. As I said a lot of people seem to hate the movie but I have a feeling I will love it.


Alter Egos
A movie about the regular life of c-list superheroes might not seem that original (Mystery Men and The Tick did it ages ago) but Alter Egos wins me over on the pure indie feel of it all. It sort of feels like CLERKS or something only the main characters just happens to be wear tights and have superpowers.


How to Build a Time Machine
Now here’s a really interesting documentary in the making. I’m not sure if the trailer I’ve linked to below is from what will be in the eventual movie or just some sort of promo but the footage is gorgeous and seriously captivating. The documentary is about a true mystery where people claim to have met a time traveler called John Titor who traveled back to the year 1975 to retrieve an old IBM computer. With this as the framework the movie explores different aspects of time travel. The movie looks beautiful with some amazing cinematography and I really hope it will managed to get the funds it needs.


Upside Down
Upside Down is a love story set in a world very similar to ours only that it consists of two worlds above and below each other. Apparently one of the worlds are considered below while the other is above and is of course seen as the upper class. Two people from each world falls in love and, well I guess a sort of Romeo and Juliet story unfolds. While a story like that is seriously overused in hollywod the actual world of the movie looks really interesting with some quite surreal imagery.


God Bless America
This movie is basically just a list of things and people the director hates. It’s about a guy who finds out he’s terminally ill but instead of giving up on life entirely he decides to go around killing people that irritates him. While the whole thing sort of makes me a tiny bit uncomfortable I’m really interested in where the movie will lead. There’s some pitch black humor here and if it’s done right it could be hilarious.


Now here’s some serious japanese insanity. It’s an anime based on a manga comic about some sort of parasite or plague or something which gives all the sea animals legs and (apparently) the ability to survive on land. What follows is some insane carnage of sharks running around eating people, all drawn in amazingly detailed and well made animation. I really do love the japanese.


Moonrise Kingdom
And Wes Anderson is back! I’m a really big fan of his and has pretty much loved every movie he’s done. Life Aquatic is on my top 5 favourite comedies and this movie looks like it might be his best movie yet. His style seems to have reached perfection and every shot is just gorgeous to the tiniest detail.


Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles
And here’s another sci-fi-ish documentary about a real life mystery. Apparently someone has been plastering weird and cryptic messages on the ground all over america and the world for the last twenty years and no one has been able to figure who or why. The documentary follows the directors’s obsession with researching the thing. I can’t really describe it better than that so just watch the trailer.


Bugs And Heroes
It’s movies like these that make me so happy I grew up in sweden where I got used to watching things with subtitles. I can’t really describe the plot but it seems to be about the lives about a wide arrange of strange characters. These characters includes some gorgeously animated insects who’s somehow connected to the story. The visuals are amazing and the whole thing kind of reminds me of the movies Jean-Pierre Jeunet used to make with Marc Caro.


And now finally here’s the latest movie by musician and absurdist filmmaker Quentin Dupieux. The last time I mentioned him was on a list here where I was looking forward to his movie Rubber about a killer car tire. Rubber was so much more than some sort of b-horror film and I count it as one of my all-time favorite movies. In the movie Wrong he follows his desire to make movies where things happen for no reason. All made with some beautiful cinematography and music of course. It’s getting a great buzz and if it’s even better than Rubber we’ll have a masterpiece here.


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  1. unadrien says:

    Awesome list! Älskar dina tips.

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