A list of movies I really really really really want to see.. PART NINE!

Captain America
I remember me and my siblings “hating” and ridiculing Captain America when we were little. The name in itself is just kind of over the top and after being exposed to america pretty much from birth here in sweden there’s always been a lighter anti-americanism around. Making a superhero named after your own country just seemed like standard obnoxious patriotism from americans that always think they’re the best in the world. But growing up as readers of french and belgian comics we kind of just hated and ridiculed superheroes in general too. But the hate was in essence superficial and after reading and loving The Ultimates and now seeing this trailer I’m all over this movie. Captain America makes sense in the context of WW2 and it should be interesting seeing him transported into current times in the upcoming Avengers movie. This movie just looks like a really fun pulpy adventure movie with a super soldier punching nazis.


Here’s an irish comedy that got me interested the instant I saw the teaser. It’s just hilarious in it’s absurdity. From what I can guess the movie is about a guy that turns up in some irish town in the 50’s claiming to be an alien named Zonad. For some reason everyone in town believes him even though he looks and acts ridiculous. There’s a longer trailer out but the below teaser does a better job of making you want to see the movie.


Tree Of Life
And finally, here’s the latest movie by genius filmmaker Terrence Malick. I absolutely love The Thin Red Line and The New World written and directed by him. Both are extremely beautifuly, honest, deep and amazing movies. I love them. The feel, everything. And this movie which apparently goes into the evolution of life, cosmic exploration and childhood nostalgia gives me goosebumps. There’s just so much beauty in this trailer.


Battle: Los Angeles
I know I know, I’m kind of late with this one. I’ve been looking forward to it from way back when they first released pictures but I haven’t managed to catch it in the theaters yet so I’m still looking forward to it. I’m really enjoying the resurgence of alien invasion and sci-fi movies these days. Feels like it’s been ages since hollywood got into full blown space sci-fi mode again. With this movie I’m just hoping for some gritty close combat alien warfare and hopefully it will deliver.


Cowboys & Aliens
The title might sound like the movie will be some sort of cheap SyFy production but this really does look amazing. Everyone behind it from the really talented Iron Man director Jon Favreau to the cast of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford fit perfectly. The movie just looks really fun and exciting with cowboys shooting at spaceships. What more can anyone want in a movie?


And here’s a quiet and moody drama about a young girl who takes a really isolated job on an island as a caretaker for a handicapped person in a vegetative state. The isolation and routinte of the work starts affecting her after awhile. The whole movie seems to have this amazing slow quiet mood and there’s hardly any dialogue in the trailer but it drags you in anyway. If done good, mood movies like these can be really amazing.


And another superhero that for someone growing up in sweden seemed pretty ridiculous. You also got a tiny bit offended by the fact that americans turned one of our major mythological figures into a superhero in tights. But then I saw the trailer.. damn. This just looks like so much fun. It probably helps that I really enjoyed Thor from The Ultimates comics too. And then when I realized the guy playing Thor is the guy who played Kirks dad in the beginning of Star Trek I got even more interested. Bring on the Avengers by Whedon now, I can’t wait!


And here’s another genius filmmaker going into making a fringe sci-fi movie. Lars von Trier from Denmark. I’ve only seen a handful of his works. Loved some (Riget, Dear Wendy) and kind of hated others (Antichrist). But he’s always interesting and parts of Antichrist was seriously beautiful. This movie about a planet on collision course with earth looks and sounds really interesting as long as you can suspend your belief on the subject. The trailer is just packed with stunning visuals.


Your Highness
Even though I’m not a stoner in any way I’ve really enjoyed the stoner/action/comedy Pinapple Express. Your Highness is the latest stoner mash-up comedy from the same people as Pineapple Express and instead of an action movie they’ve set this movie in some sort of medieval fantasy setting. Just as Pineapple Express took a somewhat serious approach to the action this movie looks like a proper fantasy movie too. Along with looking hilarious.


The Big Bang
And here’s a movie which is kind of hard to describe. I hadn’t heard of it until very recently when I saw the trailer. It stars Antonio Banderas as a private detective and at first the movie looks like a regular detective movie but then the trailer goes into unexpected bizarre directions with metaphysical sci-fi and magic and stuff. This could be a horrible mess or really really amazing.


Another Earth
At first I was just somewhat interested in this movie. It’s about people coping with the sudden appearence of another earth in the sky. The concept in itself is impossible in so many ways but it seems to be more of a surreal fantasy concept to spark some interesting philosophical ideas about what you would do if you could try out another life. After seeing the full trailer I got really excited about the movie. It looks like it could be emotional and thought-provoking stuff.


Tucker And Dale Versus Evil
And lastly, this comedy just looks absolutely hilarious. Too bad it seems to be going under the radar a bit. I haven’t heard much of it even though it stars some pretty funny actors like Alan Tudyk. The plot is brilliant and is about two in reality friendly hillbillies that due to some unfortunate missunderstandings scares the beejeesus of some city college kids leading to from their viewpoint a murderous hunt a la Deliverance. If the movie is as funny as the trailer this could be amazing.


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4 Responses to A list of movies I really really really really want to see.. PART NINE!

  1. K says:

    Den här ser jag fram emot:

    • Jonas says:

      haha antar att det är skog?

      Fan minns att jag sett nåt klipp från när dem imiterar michael cain förut. Asgrymt! Trodde det var en serie lr nåt och inte en film. Måste checkas!

  2. Melanie says:

    Holy shit Lars Von Trier made Dear Wendy?? I hade no idea! Its like my favourite movie!
    Thanks for the filmtips!

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