A list of movies I really really really really want to see.. PART EIGHT! [LO-FI SCI-FI EDITION]

I just applied for various film schools for this fall and in celebration of that here’s another list of movies I’m really looking forward too. I’ve done a zombie list, and now most recently a post-apocalypse list and this time I’m doing yet another themed list. For some reason I’ve tried to keep my list at around 12 movies and when I noticed there were just 12 movies with a similar vein I thought “Boom! Themed list.”.

So here’s a Lo-Fi Sci-Fi themed list!

What the hell does lof-fi sci-fi mean you might ask? Well firstly, whoa there you sound a bit angry, I’m doing this for free you know? Dick. Secondly what I mean by lo-fi sci-fi is science-fiction movies that isn’t so flashy or futuristic. I could probably just have used the term near future sci-fi but I really liked the sound of lo-fi sci-fi. It’s catchy.

In all these movies there’s a science fiction plot point but the actual movie sort of feels or looks more contemporary. There’s also an emphasis on drama and ideas rather than action. So there. Now behold!


A list of Lo-Fi Sci-Fi movies I really want to see!

The Adjustment Bureau
Let’s start with a movie most of you might have heard of already. This Matt Damon and Emily Blunt starring movie seems to be pretty much just a great big love story about soul mates and fate. Only in this movie the two lovers aren’t really fated to be with eachother at all. Some kind of shady (godlike but seemingly technology using) organization which makes sure that fate goes as per planned tries to intervene in their blossoming love. The couple of course tries to fight this by staying together turning the movie into some kind mouse and cat game with them hunted by the fate police. (Wow, I made it sound terrible didn’t it? I honestly think it looks good.)


Here’s a german indie movie about old rich white people renting/buying living third world bodies to transfer their minds into when their own bodies grows useless. Even though the budget is low which means there won’t be a lot of flashy eye candy the movie still looks great and interesting as a solid sci-fi with more ideas than effects.


This movie might not have the biggest budget either but that doesn’t stop it from going for scope. The movie is split into two parts where one part takes place in a near-future setting where you can genetically alter your offspring. And the second part takes place far into a future dystopia populated by post-humans.


Here’s what looks to be a gorgeous mind-fuck of a movie. The trailer below is only test footage which bodes really well for the actual movie. It looks great! And the actual story is not too shabby either. As I understand it’s about a man that invents some kind of networked machine that lets you connect your mind to others creating a great big human hivemind. Yeah, I know, awesome.


Source Code
Here’s the latest movie by Moon writer/director Duncan Jones. Moon is one of my favourite movies and I was really looking forward to the directors second personal movie. Because the world is a terrible unfair place of chaos he’s had trouble getting funding for his second movie but got offered the directing duties for this movie in the meantime. The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier traveling back into the mind of a suicide bomber just before he blows himself up. Gyllenhaal needs to figure out when a second bomb will blow. It’s like a mix between Groundhog Day and Quantum Leap.


Here’s a spanish robot film starring one of my favourite actors, Daniel Brühl from Germany. In the movie he plays a shy inventor creating a robot girl. That’s pretty much all I know and while it doesn’t sound original in any way possible the effects looks pretty good for a smaller european film.


More robots! This time with the debut film of director Ruari Robinson who has done a couple of really nice sci-fi short films. He’s good with effects and I think he was once attached to do the Halo films. This movie is a lot smaller and is about a young boy who has a robot toy friend that turns bad. The trailer is amazing and manages to make the pretty cute robot look menacing even with it having a great big constant smile on its faceplate.


Even though the whole “we are only using a small part of our brains potential” is just a missunderstanding. That doesn’t stop popular culture from using it over and over again in fiction. But as a person well versed in the art of suspension of belief I’m still looking forward to this movie where a pill has been released which unlocks all that hidden potential. The side effects are of course horrible and once you start taking it you can’t really stop. The movie is about some starving writer who starts using the pills and begins rising in power.


11 Minutes Ago
Now here’s a low-budget movie that proves that you can make interesting stuff only with an idea and hard work. The movie is about a time traveler from the future who at different times in his life travels back to one wedding day for exactly 11 minutes. The movie seems to be from the perspective of a film crew filming the wedding and is apparently in real-time with the time traveler showing up at various parts of his life. They only filmed it in one day apparently too. Pretty cool.


Phasma Ex Machina
Another super low budget film. It reminds me a bit of Primer with someone building a fantastic invention in their own garage. In this movie instead of a time machine they build some sort of machine to amplify nearby spirits. A pretty bad idea it turns out when deceased loved ones start popping up again like nothing has happened.


And finally we get our Doctor Who movie! It’s about the Doctor growing up and falling in love with Eva Green. The doctor sadly dies which leaves Eva Green so heartbroken she decides to clone her lost love and raise him as her own child. This of course creates some tension when the original mother finds out. Oh and when I say the Doctor I of course mean actor Matt Smith but come on, they really are the one and the same. Woo!! Doctor Who movie!!


And finally here’s a movie I’m not entirely sure what it’s about. I’m guessing it’s about a lone astronaut that gets stuck on the international space station after the world ends or something. He starts going insane and I’m guessing he starts imagining himself in other time periods? Or something. I don’t know. It looks amazing though! Truly beautiful stuff. Reminds me a lot of The Fountain (which I love). It’s probably not as good as that but it could still be a solid movie.


And that’s it for now.

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