A list of comics I really really really really want to read!

Sky Between Branches
A fantasy story written and drawn by Josh Middleton which has been in the making forever. A short preview issue was released along with sketches way back in 2002 from Com.X. Then nothing more. Josh did a couple of gorgeous issues of Nyx at Marvel. The story was just okay but damn, the art was amazing. Then he’s pretty much just been doing covers and i guess storyboard work. Latest news on Sky Between Branches was that Vertigo had the rights but that was years ago.

I’m still really looking forward to it as Josh is probably one of my favourite mainstream artists even though he hasn’t done that much. The lines, colors, everything is amazing. And i love how he does hair and light.


Furry Water
Furry Water is an upcoming comic from Dark Horse written by Daniel Pellizzari with art by Rafael Grampá. Grampá recently released Mesmo Delivery which I’m also looking forward too. His art is original, detailed and aaaaaaaamazing. The story is about outlaws in a post-apocalyptic future. That combined with amazing art and you can’t really ask for more.


The Great Unknown
This is the story of a guy who realises people are stealing his ideas right out of his mind after all his ideas show up somewhere else. It’s gotten great reviews and I really like the the art so I’m really looking forward to the trade for this one. It’s out from Image Comics.


A couple of years ago i picked up a small anthology comic by brasilian twin brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. I really enjoyed that and then they did the art for one of Mike Mignolas BPRD comic and that was awesome too. Now they’ve been doing a slice of life comic called Daytripper from Vertigo which has been getting high praise. I don’t know much about the story but I know everyone involved is really talented so I’m really looking forward to a collection of this.


Multiple Warheadz
From the idea-super-computer-human mind of Brandon Graham comes Multiple Warheadz. A story about a two dicked werewolf and his girlfriend Sexica driving through some kind of post-apocalyptic russia. Brandon is also doing King City which I’ve only read the first manga-sized book of, but I’m really looking forward to reading the conclusion of that too when/if Image collects it.

Multiple Warheadz is published by Oni Press.


Last Call Vol.2
Another comic from Oni Press and this one is by artist/writer Vasilis Lolos. The first volume was released way back and the second volume was supposed to be out last year I think. But it wasn’t. And we haven’t heard much about it since. It’s about these two kids who end up on some kind of inter-dimensional train with demons or ghosts or something. Awesome art with a fun story. Kind of like Spirited Away with added metal music. Hopefully they’ll release volume two some day.


Infinite Horizon
Infinite Horizon is a near-future version of The Odyssey. The third issue was released over a year ago from Image Comics but then something happened and the following issues got delayed. There haven’t really been any news in a while which is a shame as this comic was amazing. Great art by Phil Noto and a really clever and well written story by Gerard Duggan. Instead of ancient greece the story is now set in a near-future when the oil has run out. A couple of soldiers is trying to get back to America from Iraq as the world goes to hell around them.


Cowboy Ninja Viking
This is the story about a schizophrenic assassin who has three different personalities. One is a cowboy, one is a ninja and one is a viking (surprise). They all work together to create the greatest assassin ever! Or something. Just the title makes me want to read this but luckily it has also got great reviews. The art looks really cool!

It’s out from Image Comics.


Orc Stain
Orc Stain is the first single issue comic from the great mind and hands of James Stokoe. I loved his two Wonton Soup books about space truckers and this book set in a fantasy land overrun by orcs sounds like good wholesome orc fun. The main character is a one-eyed orc names One-Eye who can find the weakest spot on anything which gives him the power to break it just from tapping at the right spot.

The single issues is out from Image Comics and I’m going to be devastated if this isn’t collected in a trade.


Here’s a Japanese slice-of life manga with its movie adaptation soon to be released (in Japan). Not much interest in that as I don’t really know much about the story. What I do know from just randomly flipping through the comic in a comic shop is that the art is gorgeous! I love that whole clean but really detailed art. The insane amount of details in the background just helps set the whole mood of the story in a way. The collection i found was massive so I guess it will last you a while.

Solanin is drawn and written by Inio Asano and is published by Viz Media.


The Abandoned Vol.2
Ah Ross Campbell. Amazing artist! One of my favourites! There’s just something about his art. Amazing in both colors and greaytones. And the first volume of his zombie survival story The Abandoned was gorgeous, gory and entertaining. Sadly it was published by TokyoPop and there doesn’t really seem to be any chance of them releasing the second volume. After reading what Campbell had in mind for the second part I weep inside (and out) whenever I think about the thing not seeing the light of day.

Here’s hoping the comic will end up at Image or something like King City eventually did.


Hector Plasm
There’s a lot of characters that help people if they have ghost problems. But who do you call if a ghost has people problems? Hector Plasm! That’s who! Published by Image Comics and written by Bully Pulpit writer Benito Cereno with art by Nate Bellegarde this comic sounds original and just plain fun. Only two one-shots has been released so far but I’m keeping my hopes on another being released soon so we can get a trade maybe. I’m really eager to check this out.

Just check out this insane panel below. Ectoplasm. Amazing!


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