A list of really cool Steampunk stuff!

Hopefully there’s some stuff here that is new to atleast someone.

Mike Mignola
I realize most of the people on my friendslist are probably into comics so Mignola might not come as news to you guys. Hopefully there’s some people though not entirely familiar with him or how much he dabbles in what could be considered steampunk. He’s done loads of the stuff though. Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy and with a hand in pretty much everything else connected to Hellboy. A creator of a thing i like to call the Mignolaverse. This includes (apart from hellboy of course) BPRD, Witchfinder, Lobster Johnson and various one-shots with side-characters from the comics. But it also includes non-hellboy-related stories like the Amazing Screw-On Head and Baltimore, both but especially Screw-On Head are steampunk-ish.


I’ll try to quickly go through some of his most steampunk-ish works here in a list:

The Amazing Screw-On Head
The hilariously quirky story about, well, a robotic head that can be screwed on different bodies to fit the job he has to do. Jobs he get from none else than Abraham Lincoln. There’s just been a one-shot of this which have been collected with other supposedly similiar stories in the “The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects (hardcover collection)” which I haven’t read yet as it’s just been released. As the comic is frankly AMAZING it was also made into a 30 minute animated pilot which sadly wasn’t picked up. The pilot works perfectly as a short film and is also a really faithful adaptation of the comic.


And guess what? You can watch the entire pilot episode on youtube!

Divided into three parts here:


BPRD stands for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense and is the agency Hellboy worked for. It’s pretty much the first spin-off from Hellboy and have been going on for some years now actually surpassing Hellboy in issues. While not really steampunk it has had a couple of issues with crazy steampunk stuff. Mainly the issues delving into the past of BPRD agent Abe Sapien (the fish-guy from hellboy). Just check out these steampunk cyborgs from the BPRD story Garden of Souls.



Apart from Screw-On Head this is probably the most “steampunk” comic by Mignola as it’s set in the 1800’s. It’s about Sir Edward Grey, lead investigator of paranormal stuff for her majesty the Queen (Victoria). The character has had tiny (and I mean tiny) cameos on various hellboy comics until he finally got his own comic in “Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels”. Most of the comic is just wonderfuly spooky stuff but there’s also a couple of sci-fi things in there for those into “pure” steampunk.



Richard “Doc” Nagy
Or Datamancer? I don’t know. But anyway, this guy is amazing. He’s probably one of the best steampunk craftsmen around and has gorgeously pimped computers, keyboards and such in really inventive steampunki-ish ways. Just check out this fully functional laptop:


Check out the rest of his amazing creations here:

Dr. Grordbort
Dr. Grordbort, inventor of various rayguns for any victorian gentleman traveling on earth or in the cosmos! Creation of WETA Studios (the effects guys who did all the cool weapons and suits and stuff for Lord of the rings for example) concept artist Greg Broadmore. He’s designed gorgeous victorian rayguns that you can buy replicas of buy (for a high price of course) . And they are stunning. He’s also created a really interesting world for these guns which have been explored in two books that contains comics and weapon catalogs and stuff. It’s really well-made and fun.



The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello
Jasper Morello is a 30 minute pulp/steampunk short film animated in this really inventive and gorgeous sillouette style. A plague is ravaging the lead characters airship filled home and he joins a ship to a mysterious island to find a cure. A thus ensues adventures with monsters and all kinds of fun. Really beautiful and entertaining. There were plans on a couple of more films but sadly nothing has been heard about for years.


If that image isn’t enough, check out the entire thing here on youtube:


Steampunk Workshop
The website of one calling himself Hieronymus Isambard “Jake” Von Slatt. Like Datamancer this guy is an artist of pimping shit up. Steampunk style! And he’s doing amasing stuff. As you can see from these two images of computer screens and keyboards.


Check out his stuff here:

Now here’s an interesting comic that don’t know what the hell is going on with. Only three issues have been released and it’s been over a year since the last one. Something came up and the comic got delayed. The writer or artist promised they were still doing it but well, not much has happened. It’s still a really great piece of work worth mentioning.

It’s about this community of “puritans” who after their ship which was bound for australia in the 1800’s got swallowed up by some insanely big sea monster whiched forced them to build their life in its belly. So we have this really interesting world of people who have lived generations inside the gut of this creature. And it’s a horrible place with its own strange fauna. And there’s quite possible robots or something too. We haven’t found out yet what those soldiers in the picture below here are.

Hopefully we’ll see the conclusion to this comic.



Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson is a concept artist and the artist for the steampunk WW1 book Leviathan where germany now fights with advanced machinery and the allies with some kind of weird biotech animal creatures. He also seems to enjoy making amazing steampunk-ish art in general which you can check out at his website.



Doktor A
The creator of SpookyPop, cute amazing steampunk-ish toys! Just check out that steampunk Pac Man! (I’m sorry, I mean Pac Gentle-Man!)



Scarlet Traces
Now this comic is amazing! Probably the most steampunk comic around. It’s a sequel to HG Wells “War of the Worlds” and is set years after that failed invasion where Great Britain has turned into an even bigger world power by reverse engineering the aliens tech. The world is now a steampunk utopia with robotic spider cars and rayguns! It’s awesome! The second book is set a bit further into the future and is more like a sci-fi pulp book which is also awesome! Great Britain has decided to invade Mars as an pre-emptive strike which has created this trench warfare on mars. It’s beautiful!

The same team also faithfully adapted “War of the Worlds” which you can read for free online. These three books combined have created a pretty great steampunk trilogy.



Preview of Scarlet Traces
Preview of Scarlet Traces: The Great Game
And the entire adaptation of War of the Worlds:

Sillof’s Workshop
What could be better than Star Wars? No existence of the prequels? Yes yes, of course. But what could be better than classic Star Wars?! … Steampunk Star Wars!! Boom! Sillof’s Workshop makes custom made toy figures. And a lot of them are steampunk versions of existing works. And they’re all awesome! Just check out these empire figures from the Steam Wars line.



Tom Banwell
Tom Banwell works with leather. He does amazing beautiful things with the stuff. And some of it is gloriously steampunk-ish! Just check out these masks. They’re so beautiful. I want one. I want one so much.



Chet Phillips
What’s better than steampunk Star Wars? Ice-cream? Yes maybe, but I was thinking about Steampunk Monkeys! Monkeys!!! The creator of this ingenious thing is Chet Phillips and he’s selling cards with all the different kinds monkeys on etsy. He’s also done a series of cards called World War Monkey and the world is even better for it.



Smog 1888
Smog 1888 is the world created for a range of collectible figures made by Smart Max. And holy crap it’s an interesting and fun world. There’s werewolfs, cyborgs, robots, ghosts and weird stranded aliens and much much more. The main website is just packed with information about the world and really worth checking out. The same people have also done a range of figures under the title Mauser Earth which is set in the second world war and has robots and stuff too. There’s not as much on it but the figures are stunning as well.



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